Google Maps Platform

Interaction Design, 3D Design

To announce new features and recruit participants to a Google Maps Platform hackathon, we imagined two mini-experiences that showcase the many new capabilities of the platform, from Motorbike routes, to WebGL Overlay, to Advanced Markers.

Each demo takes you on a tour of a city: pick between a stroll through Barcelona to take in the landmarks, or rip through Tokyo in a retro-inspired world. Give them a try right here!

In the project, I developed and produced 3D assets to enhance the web-based experience and created social media assets to drive campaign promotion.

Thanks the team:
Thomas Buffet, Dane Bjorklund, Melissa Ames, Cam Schultheis, Nelly Shams, Karl Ringman, Grace Kim Howard.

To create the unique Retro style textures for the 3D assets, instead of doing traditional illustrations, I used Blender to build several scenes and render them out in the cel shader to mimic the 2D illustration style.

Vimeo: NSFW*Xiami Music