Xiami Music

Identity Design, Character Design

Xiami Music, a Chinese music-streaming app since 2007, aims to provide high-quality music. Despite having China's second-largest music library, it holds only a 4.0% market share. Homogenization is its main obstacle. To grow and lead, Xiami must explore music's potential and rebrand itself in China's music industry.

I crafted mascots for Xiami Music, drawing inspiration from its Chinese name, "Xiami," which means shrimp. Each mascot represents a unique music genre and will suggest a favorite song monthly. These special emojis can also add flair to your chats!

The new Xiami Music App can create a personalized music blog based on your uploaded images, connect you with friends who share your music taste, and even be used for music therapy.

Alongside the app, I've conceptualized a wearable headset called Brianwaver. It utilizes bone conduction to target specific brain zones, offering stress relief, pain alleviation, and enhancing creativity and efficiency while listening to music.

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